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Urban Terror

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Urban Terror 4.2.013

in Urban Terror - posted Sunday, 30 June 2013 by FrozenSand
Now Release! - 30-06-2013
The server_example.cfg was not updated with the new and renamed cvars. We will fix this in 014, with the Server MaxMap Issue that a minority of server admins will be experiencing!

FrozenSand is pleased to announce that 4.2.013 is ready to release on Sunday June 30 at 21:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time). There will be a live stream on with the development team starting at 20:00 CEST.



Fixed the seam on the back of the SR8
Fixed the doors near the pillars and some z-fighting on Turnpike
Fixed missing skin on team swaps
Restore previous behaviour of armband colour for enemy team
Fixed no step sound mode Jump mode when landing on a normal surface and g_nodamage is enabled
Fixed /ignore and /ignorelist commands
Added new command /maplist which will display all the maps available on the server
Added partial substring matching for client/map searching
Added visual player count in scoreboard for both free and spectator teams
Removed g_ghostPlayers CVAR. Feature moved clientside: cg_ghost 0/1
Updated UI password filter's labels in the server browser
Renamed CVAR: g_maxWallJumps -> g_walljumps
Renamed CVAR: cg_showFunstuff -> cg_funstuff
Renamed CVAR: g_allowFunstuff -> g_funstuff
Merged g_noStamina and g_regainStamina into g_stamina: 0 = default stamina, 1 = regain stamina, 2 = infinite stamina
Renamed CVAR: g_allowForceSkins -> g_skins
Renamed CVAR: g_maxJumpRuns -> g_jumpruns
Removed SERVERINFO flag from g_cahTime
Fixed SPAS hits being displayed after player death
Added missing BOMB defuse autoradio sound
Added new hitlocations: Groin, Butt, Leg Upper Left, Leg Upper Right, Leg Lower Left, Leg Lower Right, Foot Left, Foot Right
Updated damage table according to the new hit locations
Fixed some char cases in in-game messages
Added goto and allowgoto commands for Jump Mode (can be disabled with g_allowgoto 0)
Added permanent position saving in Jump Mode
Added Ingram Mac11 (submachine gun) and Colt1911 (sidearm)
Added a new skin set based on the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange (it is #12)
Fixed bug allowing players to defuse bomb with a live nade in hand
Fixed bug showing hits causing 0% damage with the spas
Added cg_chatSound, (2 = all chat sounds, 1 = just vote sounds, 0 = no chat sounds)
Removed cg_sfxteambands (unused cvar)


Possibly fixed sv_maxPing connecting issue
Added RAW mouse support
Added dmaHD sound
Added the possibility to force the engine execution on a single CPU (/com_singlecore on Windows only)
Added possibility to set engine process priority (/com_processpriority on Windows only)
Added partial substring matching for client/map searching (RCON commands)
Fallback to default r_mode in case the resolution is set too high for the monitor instead of having the error "Could not start OpenGL subsystem" and the game crash

Comment on our forums.

La$er Joins Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 06 May 2013 by FrozenSand

FrozenSand would like to welcome La$er to the team. He is an enthusiastic Urban Terror movie maker and will be making promotional movies for the team. You can view his work at his Youtube channel

His first project with FrozenSand will be to run the following video contest:

Urban Arts Competition 2013

The competition is entirely managed by our new Dev Team member La$er, together with rlnqq on behalf of FrozenSand. It is the first time that they have organized this type of competition and they would appreciate if you are patient with them. They will try their best to make the entire contest as pleasant as possible for you. But just to make it clear we prefer a reasonable conversation instead of pointless whining. Always keep in your mind, the more you flame, the less you get.

Check out the trailer for the contest.

For the rules and other information regarding the contest including the prize money please read the forum thread.

Warning: The deadline for the contest has been extended to June 21, 2013

[4.2] Update 4.2.012

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 20 April 2013 by FrozenSand

More bugs have been crushed by our dev team !!

Update your Urban Terror 4.2 to the latest version as soon as possible !!

Simply run the UrTUpdater, follow the onscreen instructions. and it will update your game automatically.

Changelog for 4.2.012

Medic and bleeding timing improved
Fixed the armbands on race 1 and 3 of the Cavalry skins
Fixed the clipping issues on Prague v2
Increased the brightness inside the office on Turnpike
Fixed callvote kick bug
Fix for missing skins on startup
Added funstuff with new cvars (g_allowfunstuff, cg_showfunstuff and funfree for FFA game modes (uses red team funstuff only))

Please give us your comments/bug reports in our forum.

[4.2] Update 4.2.011

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 06 April 2013 by FrozenSand
We have a brand new update ready for you ! Urban Terror 4.2.011 is now available for download !!

information To get the latest version of Urban Terror 4.2 just run your UrTUpdater ! Alternatively, you can download a full copy.


Fixed g_maxWallJumps CVAR slowing down walljumps
Improved g_noStamina. Was causing some glitches (only in Jump Mode)
Fixed BombDefuse display message
Fix teamoverlay colors for cg_drawTeamOverlay 2/3/4
Added Mouse Wheel support for in-game server browser
In-game server list scrolling is now noticed also by a sound
Fixed server list scrolling to the top after adding a server to the favorite list
Added Cavalry skin set
New hit reporting for SPAS (multiple hits and players)
Fixed Glock sound
Fixed funny death animation
Prague V2 - Updated with HD assets and routes
Fixed connecting to GTV
Fixed player names' colours in chat and radio chat messages
Added markers of legacy team in chat
Changed orange team name to 'Fugitives'
Fixed colour typo in auth console message
Fixed instant medic upon multiple hits
Torso has priority over arms in hit detection
Allow instant skin selection during demo playback
Fixed timer alignment in round based modes when using round limits
Updated the lighting in Turnpike so that it is closer to the 4.1 lighting

Comments and suggestions are welcome in our forum.

4.2.010 Now LIVE!

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 22 March 2013 by FrozenSand
Head over to the download area and pickup the NEW UrTUpdater.

It looks exactly the same as the previous version but it's very different!
We STRONGLY recommend doing a clean install. However, if you can't or don't want to do this, you can simply update any 4.2 install.

note Version 4.1.* is not compatible with 4.2.* and you must NOT install 4.2 over 4.1 as it will break your game.

If you get an error (about a download being corrupt), please restart the updater, it will pickup from where it encountered the error and resume.

See the release notes on the "Pre-Release News".

GL and HF with the next installment of Urban Terror !!

As per usual we welcome feedback in our forum.

Release 4.2.010 coming today at 22:00 CET

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 22 March 2013 by FrozenSand
Good news Urban Terror fans ! We are very pleased that after one of our longer development cycles we are ready to release Urban Terror 4.2.010.

Warning: You can start running the updater today, 22 March 2013 around 22:00 CET !

This new installment of the game comes packed with many new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Among other novelties, players can customize the game by picking among the legacy player skins and 6 brand new skin sets (refer to the manual on skin forcing). Jumpers have not been forgotten with new cvars controlling run timers and physics, and the Glock gets revamped SFX. You'll be happy to know that the animations have been updated as well.

While you are waiting for the game to update, tune into SevenofNine's shoutcast for an exclusive preview of this new release and interviews of development team members.


Added g_maxWallJumps CVAR for Jump Mode only
Preloading radio sounds and other misc sounds to avoid client freezes when using them
Fixed the ClientJumpTimerStopped log event that was returning a time of 0 secs
Fixed negative enemy counter in mini scoreboard in FFA/LMS gametypes
Not showing the UI cursor when loading a map anymore
Fixed big jump maps loading failure
Fixed ut_weaptoggle behavior
Not checking bots inactivity timers anymore
Added /ignore and /ignorelist commands
Fixed CAH miniscoreboard
Fixed Jump Run timer not displayed correctly while spectating a player
Fixed miniscoreboard not displaying player DEAD/ALIVE status correctly
Disabled auth account check for bots to avoid auth-reject when auth_notoriety > 0
Don't have g_teamAutoJoin affect bot's team
Fixed spectator being switched from follow to free after map_restart if following a client
Fixed server browser 'Auth' and 'Password' filters
Added g_maxJumpRuns CVAR for JUMP mode only (available when g_matchMode is 1)
Changed some JUMP in-game messages
New log format for Jump mode entities actions
Fixed a bug in save and load command (player view angles are now reset correctly)
Fixed blue armband showing on red team players minimap arrows
Updated the Glock sounds
Fixed a wall that you could be shot through in Turnpike
Added client-side skin forcing
Added six new skin sets
New player setup menus
Fixed issue with shader stage directive 'alphaGen'
Added TTimo's QuakeLive-style mouse acceleration


Both male and female animations updated
Collision reporting improvements

TTimo's QuakeLive-style mouse acceleration

To enable it, set cl_mouseAccelStyle 1 (0 is the default/legacy behavior).
New style is controlled with 3 cvars:


The old code (cl_mouseAccelStyle 0) can be difficult to calibrate because if you have a base sensitivity setup, as soon as you set a non zero acceleration your base sensitivity at low speeds will change as well. The other problem with style 0 is that you are stuck on a square (power of two) acceleration curve.

The new code tries to solve both problems:

Once you setup your sensitivity to feel comfortable and accurate enough for low mouse deltas with no acceleration (cl_mouseAccel 0), you can start increasing cl_mouseAccel and tweaking cl_mouseAccelOffset to get the amplification you want for high deltas with little effect on low mouse deltas.

cl_mouseAccel is a power value. Should be >= 1, 2 will be the same power curve as style 0. The higher the value, the faster the amplification grows with the mouse delta.

cl_mouseAccelOffset sets how much base mouse delta will be doubled by acceleration. The closer to zero you bring it, the more acceleration will happen at low speeds. This is also very useful if you are changing to a new mouse with higher dpi, if you go from 500 to 1000 dpi, you can divide your cl_mouseAccelOffset by two to keep the same overall 'feel' (you will likely gain in precision when you do that, but that is not related to mouse acceleration).

Please feel free to comment in our forum.

gsigms joins Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 07 January 2013 by FrozenSand
Frozen Sand is happy to announce that gsigms has joined the development team !

gsigms is a computer science researcher in academics specialised in optimising scientific simulations on high performance computers. He will be working on the game code for Urban Terror, fixing and adding game features.

Please feel free to welcome gsigms in our forum !

[4.2] Update 4.2.009

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 21 December 2012 by FrozenSand

The End of the World Release

The Frozen Sand development team has worked very hard to bring you the latest version of Urban Terror 4.2, just in time before the Mayans End of the World !

Urban Terror 4.2.009 runs smoothly in all our testing. The team has put in substantial work in putting right many many bugs and niggles that have been around for a little while. Why not give it a try for yourself ?!

information To get the latest version of Urban Terror 4.2 just run your UrTUpdater ! Alternatively, you can download a full copy.


Fixed jump timer colours display while watching a player from spectators.
Fixed armband vertical alignment in scoreboard.
Fixed miniscoreboard not updating player status after a player respawns.
Fixed player bandage while healing close to walls.
Fixed ut_weaptoggle.
Fixed "header" warning message for the mirror1.tga.
Fixed bug in Stats UI menu.
Fixed g_flagReturnTime being ignored.
Fixed blood when shooting walls.
Fixed jump timer >1 hour bug.
Fixed UI ingame select gear not being validated when pressing ESC.
Fixed the "server is for low pings only" issue.
Fixed multiple graphic bugs and added new features.
Updated the scoreboard.
Updated the FFA/LMS spawns in ut4_uptown.
Updated ut4_ramelle's tunnels, removed some plants in the water, removed some buildings in the non-playable area and added some vis blocking to improve fps.
Enhanced cg_autopickup 0. It now picks up just the item the player is aiming at.
Enhanced the RCON UI menu.
Optimized the QVM. No more server slow down due to the Spas.
Added new Spas icon.
Added new entity ut_jumpcancel to cancel a player run and reset the run timer.
New version of ut4_jumpents test map with new ut_jumpcancel entity.
Added Jump mode coloured ways. Mappers now have the option to set coloured routes on a Jump map.
Added the Glock.

Please feel free to post your comments in our forum.

R00t joins Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 10 December 2012 by FrozenSand

Frozen Sand is proud to announce that r00t has joined the development team.

R00t is a developer specialized in signal analysis software and decoding of satellite signals. He will, amongst other things, work on the qvm code and the game engine.

Please all feel free to welcome r00t in our forum !!

[4.2] Update 4.2.008

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 03 December 2012 by FrozenSand
The Frozen Sand development team has worked very hard to bring you this extended update for Urban Terror 4.2 !! Please all update your game as soon as possible.

We have included a test map called ut4_jumptest to show mappers how to implement the new jump entities. You can find the .map file within the ut4_jumptestmap.pk3.

note Please note we had to change the name of the jump mode tutorial map included with the release of 4.2.008 due to a name conflict. The new name is ut4_jumpents.pk3. Please delete the ut4_jumptest.pk3 that you received with the 4.2.008 update, and replace it with ut4_jumpents.pk3.

information To update your Urban Terror 4.2 we suggest you to use the UrTUpdater. You can also directly download Urban Terror 4.2.008.


Fixed the server lag / crash issue.
Fixed the client crash when selecting a weapon.
Potentially fixed the FPS issue.
Player model animations updated.
Fixed the SPAS which was causing excessive bleeding.
Fixed the Auth System logout UI bug.
New skins for FFA, LMS and Jump gametypes.
New /racejump and /racefree cvars.
New color for FFA and LMS HUD.
Fixed Eagle's cable car.
Fixed FFA UI scoreboard bug.
Fixed SPAS gear bug.
Defaulted player armband to light purple in JUMP mode when set to g_armband 1.
Fixed a bug in callvote kick UI menu.
Enhanced kill display, new options cg_drawKillLog 3|4|5 available, added to UI menu.
Fixed punctuation and some spelling in kill display.
New images for the player setup menu.
New player setup menus for the Free and Jump teams.
Added player's login to the scoreboard.
Fixed a bug in the "smite" command help text.
Changed the player bar color in the scoreboard for FFA, LMS (Green) and JUMP (Purple) to match the HUD color.
Added fog to the water in ut4_ramelle.
Added a workaround to reduce flag cap spamming in Jump Mode, sounds and messages are shown only to the flagcarrier.
Added a cvar ui_modversion which displays the current mod version in the game menu.
Reduced the range of the cvar r_primitives.
Added run timer and best timer in the scoreboard for jump mode.
Added jump mode timers:

Timers are deactivated on every map start. To activate the personal timer the player has to type /ready in the console. When a player is in "ready" status he/she will not be able to use /save, /load and /regainstamina commands. However, /g_noStamina will be available since it's a server feature. To deactivate the timer the player has to type /ready in console again or join "spectators". This will reset the run timer but it will keep the best run timer value and the last run timer value visible in the player HUD.

As per usual we welcome feedback in our forum.

alert WARNING For those who updated before 11:50CET, there is a bug with the animation pack. Please either delete zUrT42_0013.pk3 and run the updater (to download the update again) or replace it with the file yourself. Sorry about that!
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