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Urban Terror

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On a trouvé une nounou pour notre bébé !

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 20 November 2010 by FrozenSand
We have found a new concept artist for our beloved game Urban Terror!

Frozen Sand's newest team member; la 25806 is a very talented illustrator, designs maps, and of course loves to play (with) Urban Terror. Employed by well know French cartoon productions as a cartoon artist.

Please feel free to welcome Nounou here

AbsolutelyNoOne likes Amanieu

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 10 November 2010 by FrozenSand
Frozen Sand is proud to announce that two more coders have joined the team to work on the next release of Urban Terror.



Please welcome mister 25379 and monsieur 14041 !

Amanieu is an engine coder and has spent a lot of time programming for various Quake 3 related projects, such as XreaL and Tremulous. AbsolutelyNoOne has been in software development for over 20 years under Linux/Windows, and has done a couple of mods of Q3 so he is familiar with Q3 game code. They will be working on engine code and game code respectively.

With the acquisition of these two excellent programmers Frozen Sand has effectively doubled the number of coders on the team.
Obviously they have been put to work straight away! :D

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The Cascade of new content continues

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 26 August 2010 by FrozenSand
As more and more content is being finalised for the next release of Urban Terror, we thought it would be nice to give you all a preview of the latest map by NulL;



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New sniper rifle on the workbench

in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 17 August 2010 by FrozenSand
Smachine and Frankie V have teamed up to produce the French FR-F1 sniper rifle as a replacement for the aging Remington SR8.

Smachine is responsible for the new paint job where the modeling and shading needs were handled by Frankie V with the help of BladeKiller.

some more pictures:

Also under the heading of general house keeping all three game flags have been polished up with a bit more detail in design and texturing:

And a quick peek of Misterbean's .44 Magnum with some shader love along with H0i's new and improved k-bar as a replacment for the knife.

This new shader allows for the texture artists to control how textures react to light. This will make assets appear more realistic. In the picture below you can clearly see that the scratches on the weapon react to light a lot stronger than in other areas. This is just one of the many things that can be done with the shader.

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Latvia represented!

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 17 June 2010 by FrozenSand
The FrozenSand dev team has members from all over the world, now we have added Latvia to the team. Please welcome our newest artist Smachine!

Smachine is a 22 year old Latvian student and a skilled modeler and texture artist. He is mostly interested in doing textures for level and model designers, and so we have asked him to make new textures for future releases of Urban Terror.

Brick (hand painted)
Crate (photo)

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Kr0m and Nemesis seduced

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 29 May 2010 by FrozenSand
We are very happy to announce that both Nemesis and Kr0m have accepted to join the FrozenSand development team!

Kr0m will now take full control of the forums and Nemesis will be leading Quality Assurance.

As Kr0m has been doing a great job moderating the forums for years don't expect any major changes there. However, Quality Assurance is ready for an Upgrade. So keep an eye on that!

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Return of the Apoxol

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 22 April 2010 by FrozenSand
It has been almost nine years, and many many updates later, but we are very happy to have Apoxol back to the Frozen Sand dev team! Apoxol formally quit development for UrT in the fall of 2001 to work for Raven.

this is what Urban Terror looked like back in 2001

Apoxol last worked on Urban Terror back in the UrT 2.3 days! As a very talented programmer he was involved with things like anti-lag, hit detection, the game code, maps, basically, pretty much everything.

Now Apoxol will be be doing pretty much everything again!

Please feel free to comment here

"Go ahead, make my day"

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 10 April 2010 by FrozenSand

The most powerful handgun in the world is coming to Urban Terror!

Mister Bean is finished with the work on the .44 Magnum and we are proud to announce that it will be included in the next release of Urban Terror.

Think loud, accurate, and lots of power!

click on image to enlarge

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H0i joins the dev team

in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 02 February 2010 by FrozenSand
Please welcome H0i our newest and youngest member to the Urban Terror development team!

H0i has been impressing us with the Glock and when we asked him to join the team he accepted.

H0i is a very talented 3D modeller with two years of experience with software such as Wings 3D, 3Ds max and Photoshop.
Besides fine tuning the Glock he will be busy modeling many more weapons for Urban Terror in the time to come.

Here are some more nice renders of H0i's Glock:

Two new content artists join the development team

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 16 January 2010 by FrozenSand
As we begin to wind down on the current development cycle for Urban Terror 4.2 we have already begun plans as to the next version and starting to do the necessary research as well bring in new and fresh talent to make a great game even better.

Without further ado:

FrozenSand is pleased to announce that we have added two top-notch content creators to the development team.

Mr. Bean will be making weapons and various models for level developers as needed for the planned improvements for the next release.

Also please welcome posthuman who will be in charge of player model development and will be adding the much needed additions to the current player model roster.

Hoi’s Glock to be included in the next release.

As many of you know a member in good standing on our message board, Hoi, has put a great deal of work into his Glock sidearm with the hope that it maybe included in the up coming release of Urban Terror 4.2.

At this time we are happy to confirm that a decision has been made to include the weapon as part of the starting line up and part of the current selection of sidearm already available in the game.

Hoi is finishing up the texture work (click the image to enlarge it).
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