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Urban Terror

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Level Designer Skaz joins Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 27 August 2011 by FrozenSand

Frozen Sand is pleased to announce that 765 has joined the development team !

Skaz will start by remaking some of the current official maps. Maps such as Turnpike and Abbey. These maps will be made from scratch for Urban Terror HD with optimized visual quality to fit with the new graphics engine. Skaz is used to working with GTKRadiant and of course his imagination.

Please feel free to comment in our forum.

RobDistorted joins Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 20 July 2011 by FrozenSand
After years of loyal duty as a well respected community member 34215 has joined the animation department of the Frozen Sand development team !

He will do lots of the clean up work and add in the details working together with our lead animator FrankieV.

Please feel free to welcome RobDistorted here !

Web browser for game servers

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 16 July 2011 by FrozenSand
Now you can easily find your favourite Urban Terror Servers in our Game Server Browser.

You can search for servers by gametype, location, full/empty, and more. Of course you can also find your buddies by searching for players.

Comments and requests are welcome in our forum

Learn Level Design

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 17 June 2011 by FrozenSand

The Techniques of the Dev Team !

We have added a totally new Tutorial area to the website !

NulL has shared some of his extensive knowledge of level design with several tutorials from simple spawn creation to more complex entities like spawn doors.

We have also included 3D modeling tutorials to show how we create content like player models and weapons due to popular request. Some of these will aid the creators of map objects.

Expect more tutorials to follow.

If you are new to level design or interested in making maps for Urban Terror (4.x) you may also want to visit our Map Design & Modeling forum.

alert Frozen Sand expects you to be responsible and respect copyrights !

Please feel free to comment and or ask questions here.

FTW Season 5 is on the way...

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 10 June 2011 by FrozenSand
FTW League is about to start Season 5 !

What you need to know:
Sign ups close on June 25th.
Qualifying begins on June 26th.
Week one to start two weeks from then.

Map voting for team captains will begin soon and some rule updates are also planned. So keep an eye on them. In the meantime, rosters are unlocked and you can begin updating your teams.

information For more information, also in Spanish, visit the FTW League here.

Please feel free to comment here

Going to Barbatos

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 16 May 2011 by FrozenSand
We are very happy to announce yet another addition to the Frozen Sand development team; monsieur Barbatos !

Barbatos has been playing Urban Terror for many years. He is a web developer and admin of the Urban Terror France website.

For Urban Terror HD, Barbatos will be helping our coders with development of the game code. Specifically he will first focus on Urban Terror Match mode.

Please feel free to welcome Barbatos here !

Asche and Holblin join Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 26 March 2011 by FrozenSand
Frozen Sand is happy to announce that both 659 and 817 have agreed to join the team !



Frozen Sand is always on the look out for talented coders and level designers with the right attitude towards the game and we feel that with Holblin and Asche we got lucky again.

Asche (mapper) and Holblin (coder) have been strong supporters of Urban Terror for years. Among other things they have together developed their own game type, Assault Mode, to be played with Urban Terror.

It's fun ! Check it out :)

Please feel free to comment here

The Day the Earth Stood Still

in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 01 February 2011 by FrozenSand
It is a great pleasure to announce that FrozenSand has added a new mapper to the development team, please all welcome 1931 !

In the passed two years Clatoo created five maps for Urban Terror; CrystalPower, Heroic, Maximus, Metropolis, and Paris.

You can find them via our map depots list

Professionally Clatoo is a experienced publisher, and he works with software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Xpress, Indesign, Flash, Director, etc.

When he added MacRadiant 1.4, a few years ago, he had very little experience with 3D software and had just discovered the Urban Terror game. Which is lucky for us !

At first, Clatoo will try to add special effects to the Urban Terror HD version of the maps Paris & Heroic, before starting new maps optimised for the engine.

Please feel free to comment here, maybe you can guess what inspired him to choose Clatoo as nick.

Urban Terror 4.1.1 update

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 20 January 2011 by FrozenSand

Old Favourites for 4.1

We are releasing all the maps that were updated for Urban Terror 4.1 including Docks, Swim, Ricochet, Uptown, and more.

These maps do not meet our quality standards that we have planned for Urban Terror HD, so we thought it was best to release them in an update pack for Urban Terror 4.1 !

We have also included the updated player skins that were tested months ago in 4.1. We hope you enjoy playing some of your old favourites in 4.1 while we work on.

Urban Terror 4.1.1 Update

page_white_zipUrbanTerror411_update.zipmd5: 20816a814abc900386555df23b52bc54

nlftpUniversity of

To install, unzip the pk3 files inside your q3ut4 directory.

error WARNING This update can break compatibility with 4.1 servers. Request the admins to update their servers.
Edit: It seems that some custom maps are not compatible with this update. Just remove the custom maps from your q3ut4 directory.
comments: Feel free to discuss this on our forums

New composer commissioned to spice up Urban Terror

in Urban Terror - posted Sunday, 12 December 2010 by FrozenSand
Frozen Sand has asked Unifiedtone to join the team to create music and sound compositions for Urban Terror.

Unifiedtone is a composer and audio engineer with years of experience using Logic Pro for composing music, creating sound effects and mixing audio.

Here is a short sample of some current work in progress pieces that Unifiedtone is working on for Urban Terror:

Please feel free to comment here
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