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Urban Terror

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Urban Release Day Schedule

in Urban Terror - posted Sunday, 01 April 2007 by FrozenSand
Well it's April 1 and we still have not posted "April Fools" not that we ever intended to. So here is a quick rundown on how the day will play out. Urban Radio will begin at 13PDT/16EST/21CET live on Inside the Game and Stickam Video. There will be a shortened version of the show, 30-35 minutes, because you would rahter download and install the new version of Urban Terror than hear Oswald talking. During or at the completion of the show we will post the FTP links on the web site so you can stay the download.

Flight Like an Egyptian

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 31 March 2007 by FrozenSand
Release day is closing in on the Urban Terror community as we work our way towards Sunday and April Fools Day. And no we are not implying you are all fools and that we are going to turn this into a joke. Never happen. Today are some images in game action from BladeKiller's level, Tombs (ut4_tombs).

The 27 Days of Terror: Day 26 - Future of Urban Terror

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 31 March 2007 by FrozenSand
Now that FrozenSand has announced the release date for Urban Terror the community is electric! Gamers are joining the forums at an alarming rate, support for the game is on the rise. Gamers, old and new are taking a second (or third) look at the game, now that a stand alone client has been developed. Leagues have been yearning for greater support, both in North America and Europe since their membership had slowly decreased over the course the the development cycle.

The release on Sunday will mark the first time the stand alone client (ioUrbanTerror.exe) has been offered for Urban Terror. While many leagues will continue to use the mod version because of PunkBuster, the stand alone version does have a chance at becoming he main version in the Urban Terror Commuinty. It has been discussed that BattlEye, mostly known for anti-cheat in BF2 will be creating an anti-cheat for the stand alone version of Urban Terror.

Urban Terror 4 Release Date

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 29 March 2007 by FrozenSand
No April foolin',

Urban Terror 4 to be released

Sunday, April 1 13PDT/16EST/21BST/22CET

Terror on Turnpike

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 28 March 2007 by FrozenSand
As stated late week on Urban Radio and posted on the Urban Terror web site, the release for Urban Terror is scheduled for April 1 beginning at 13PDT/20BST. The team is looking forward to a great release, but we still have a few days to kill before releasing the actual game files. So in order to fill that void, we will "bring the terror" to you in images from inside Urban Terror. Here's the first sampling of images from the updated version of the level, ut4_turnpike.

EDIT: You can see 9 more images from Turnpike over at this thread in the Urban Terror Forums.

Urban Terror Press Release

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 28 March 2007 by FrozenSand

After nearly 8 years and four major versions, FrozenSand, LLC (formerly Silicon Ice Development) is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Urban Terror (v4.0). As mentioned on Urban Radio with Oswald this past Saturday (March 24), the upcoming release will take place on Sunday, April 1 beginning at 13PDT/16EST/20BST/21CET. No fooling, this is not an evil April Fool's Day joke the development team is playing.

The release will begin with the Urban Radio Release Party followed by news on the Urban Terror web site that will contain links and release information. Some of the features of the new release include:

•All new player models, skins and animations.
New hit detection system
20+ updated levels of terror
8 new Urban Terror levels
Addition of statistics to the UI.
Updated user interface
"funstuff" to personalize your character
New features: Power sliding, goomba stomp and hot potato
Standalone Compatible (Officially a Q3A mod, works with open source q3 engine too)

For more information on the release and what time the festivities will get under way, visit the web site.

Video: Uptown

in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 27 March 2007 by FrozenSand
As mentioned last week during Urban Radio Uptown by BattleCow will be included in the upcoming release. This is great news for all those gamers who saw some of the older, "classic" levels being left out of this release due to not being updated.

Thankfully BladeKiller did not have enough to do, so she decided to update the level the past few weeks. This level has continued to go through testing as the QA testers work with her on making sure the level will have solid game play.

You can see some the updated Uptown, as we created a short video of it. This video will take you on a tour through the entire level. Many of the changes are quite noticable, such as buildings around the upper areas to close in the level, new models updated lighting and some changes that will be left up to you to spot.

The video can be access by clicking on VIDEOS over at the Urban Radio page, hosted by Stickam Video. We also posted a new video of the NVGs, as there has been some discussion on the forums about the changes done to the goggles. Enjoy the show. Look for more videos this week!

Released? Not Quite.

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 10 February 2007 by FrozenSand
From the development team to the quality assurance testers, each take a sense of pride in what has been accomplished during this development cycle. Many long hours have been put in by both groups in order to update the current version (3.7) of Urban Terror to a more refined version thanks to suggestions and feedback from many different groups.

This development cycle has been longer than previous ones because of the many changes implemented by the development team in order to update the game. As mentioned previously, this was originally intended to be a minor update providing some updated levels into the Urban Terror community. But as we started to look at the current version, we started to spot minor "niggles" (must be a coder word) that had been with the game far too long, so it was time to remedy those.

More from |NV|S

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 20 January 2007 by FrozenSand
After the news went to the website yesterday, I was sent a few more screenshots by |NV|S and the upcoming release of Crenshaw. He did not provide much information about these two additional shots. We look forward to bringing you more from Crenshaw, now that the level has been submitted and QA is testing it.

An Update on "da hood"

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 18 January 2007 by FrozenSand
I am sure the most asked question of late is, "When is the release?" followed by "What is left to test?" As was mentioned in the Urban Terror Forums, we are still working on a few levels that are outstanding as of yet, with development still going. Sorry to say this does not include Paradise as we mentioned awhile back. RabidCow, |NV|S and BladeKiller are a few others are continuing to work with a few different levels in order to get them release ready.

Crenshaw was featured during day 25 of the 27 Days of Terror, since then|NV|S has spent many, many hours working on an all new Crenshaw. Many remember Crenshaw and those CTF gamers enjoyed Crenshaw, while the TS crowd was not too fond of how it played. But those days are gone and the level has been redesigned for improved gameplay. Here are some of the most current shots:

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