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Urban Terror

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Urban Terror 4.2 is here !

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 04 August 2012 by FrozenSand

Get Urban Terror 4.2 Beta NOW !

Urban Terror 4.2 Beta is a full repack of 4.1.1 plus the new additions.

information Few information:
You may also install your engine of choice.
Not backwards compatible with previous versions of Urban Terror.
No funstuff, for now anyway, it was causing lots of problems.
Urban Terror 4.2 should not be confused with Urban Terror HD.
Full changelog.

error Warning: If you are experiencing problems with your account please contact us or get help from the community.

FrozenSand would like to thank QA for testing and the whole community for your ideas and suggestions ! We enjoy reading your comments in our forum !

[4.2] New and Updated Maps

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 02 August 2012 by FrozenSand

New maps


Bohemia places the player in the midst of a somewhat unconventional city scape, tall buildings arc over the players as they run through the city's narrow streets and interlocking courtyards.


Cascade is a river based assault on a partially underground facility.


Raiders is Indiana Jones themed combining the Golden Idol, the temple and jungle environment. It has a classic medium sized layout is and designed for 8 to 12 players.

Updated maps


Casa's lighting has been changed so that it is less bright.


Kingdom's size has been brought down to medium. A new path between the Garden and the Church is added, and to prevent camping some areas were rebuilt.


Kingpin's indoor path has been rebuilt.


Mandolin had some bugs which were fixed like the bomb/nodrop issue and there are also some graphical updates.

To see the new and updated maps in full view, you'll have to wait till tomorrow... August 3, 2012 !

And as always, we appreciate your comments in our forum.

[4.2] Updated Hits and Animations

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 02 August 2012 by FrozenSand

Updated Hit detection

Hit detection in Urban Terror 4.2 has been greatly increased by rebuilding surface detection from scratch !

The old hit mesh's animations used to get out of sync with the player model's animations. This doesn't happen anymore with the new system. To accomplish this new animations had to be created along with a new hit mesh.

Updated Player model animations

The video below gives a good impression of the updated Player model animations:

Comments and questions are welcome in our forum.

[4.2] Last Man Standing

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 01 August 2012 by FrozenSand
Last Man Standing, as the name suggests, each player for themselves and the last surviving gamer wins the round and gains 5 points. You also get 1 point per kill.
If you are killed you will respawn only at the start of the next round.
After a preset number of rounds or amount of time the map will change and the player with most points is the winner.

Last Man Standing is considered a variation of the Free For All game mode. It uses the spawns and all the other FFA entities and cvars. LMS should therefore be playable on almost all existing maps without any modifications.

LMS cvars:

You can select the LMS gametype with set g_gametype 1.

To set the number of rounds before the map ends: set g_maxrounds 8, 0 = never.

The time per round is set in minutes with: set g_RoundTime 3.

Suddendeath, when the map is finished, but there is a tie because the top players have the same score. Another round is added before the map changes with set g_suddendeath 1.

Feel free to leave a comment in our forum.

[4.2] The Auth System

in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 31 July 2012 by FrozenSand
With less than a week to go before the release of Urban Terror 4.2 Beta we would like to share some more information about the Auth system.

First of all, to be able to use the Auth system you need to be registered. And like the game, registering an account is free ! Of course you can still play Urban Terror 4.2 without an account, we don't expect all game servers to force full authentication.

The Auth system is a powerful tool that allows you to sign in to your Urban Terror account from within the game. The game servers you connect to will be able to identify you as well as the other players on the server.
As you maybe can imagine this will make it easier to manage servers and can potentially give many more benefits to improve your gaming experience.


One account per player.

Your notoriety in Urban Terror says something about your experience. In general, the longer you play and the more experience you gain, the higher your notoriety.

With Auth enabled clan tag's are protected.
Later account name protection will follow. For now players can use whichever alias they want on servers. However, on connection to a game server your Urban Terror account name will be displayed to everyone.

Server admins decide whether the connection on their server allows for players who do not have an account: /auth_notoriety 0.

Server admins can also use a cvar to turn off/on the auth system: /auth_enable 0/1.

Server admins can get information about the players on their servers like account levels with rcon. /rcon auth-whois playername/id.

Server admins manage their ban-lists through their group management page. You can find your group(s) here.

Server admins may choose to use the ban-lists of other admins. You can find the banlist of each group here.

information The Auth system is available with Urban Terror 4.2 using the dedicated server binary provided by Frozen Sand.

alert NB: Do not share your Auth key with anyone ! It is private like a password.

error For problems with your account please email

The Auth system is still a BETA. Many more features will follow, we will gradually introduce more and more.

For further discussion please visit our forum.

The Urban Terror 4.2 Release Date

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 20 July 2012 by FrozenSand

FrozenSand is pleased to announce that the long awaited beta version 4.2 of Urban Terror is just around the corner with a release date set for August 3, 2012!

Please note this is an update to the 4.1.1 version of Urban Terror and is not to be confused with Urban Terror HD.

This will be a massive update from the current 4.1 version with many additions based on player suggestions and many under-the-hood code repairs, as well as a fundamental redesign of systems directly affecting gameplay that we felt was better to redo from scratch rather than attempting what would otherwise be a patch.

Main changes:

New game type called Last Man Standing.
New and updated maps.
Updated matchmode + fixed a lot of bugs.
Updated hit detection.
Updated player model animations.
Auth system included; Account registration required.
UrTUpdater included; an auto-updater for the game.

More to come !

Feel free to leave a comment in our forum.

Code Wizard TTimo joins Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Sunday, 01 July 2012 by FrozenSand
Frozen Sand is proud to announce that TTimo has signed up to join the development team !

TTimo is a coder and Linux/OSX guru. He has many years of experience with online games working on big titles like Quake, Wolfenstein, Doom and of course Urban Terror. He is a specialist in porting games and network programming. TTimo also looks after the level design editor GtkRadiant.

Please feel free to welcome TTImo in our forum.

Urban Terror 4.2 RC on LAN 2k12 in Paris

in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 29 May 2012 by FrozenSand
Frozen Sand is pleased to announce that we have decided to make your wait for Urban Terror HD a little easier by working on an update to Urban Terror 4.1.1 which will be called Urban Terror 4.2. The Release Candidate will be play tested at the French Community's Lan which will be held June 30th to July 1st.

alert Urban Terror 4.2 is not to be confused with Urban Terror HD.

urt Urban Terror 4.2 changelog:

new hit detection.
new character animations.
new game mode: Last Man Standing (LMS) g_gametype 1.
bugfixed. "Follow The Leader bug, a subbed player can be chosen as a leader".
bugfixed. "Server Listing - Misrepresented Gametypes Error".
bugfixed. "Allowed Voting - Load up Time Dependency".
bugfixed. "Mini map - Subbed players seeing Active Players".
bugfixed. "Dropping nades/Going to Spectator".
bugfixed. "Ready Command/ Role Swap Command Discontinuity".
potentially fixed "999'ers hold up the game" in TS.
colour tags don't shorten maximum server host name in server browser.
fixed breathing sound when the game is paused.
stamina regeneration frozen when the game is paused.
fixed hotpotato time after a pause.
sr8 drop exploit fixed.
voting rcon exploit fixed.
weapon reloading/switching bug fixed.
going on a ladder with an armed nade will now put the pin back in.
enable booting when bomb is held.
no throwing of last knife.
fixed g_teamautojoin when going to spectator.
callvote kick/clientkick now enforces a reason as an additional argument.
reload button to cycle backwards in spectator mode.
fix for the master servers.
locked r_intensity, cg_physics and r_smp.
demo automatically starts recording when joining a game that has already started (with g_matchmode 1 and cg_autoRecordMatch 1).
you can "steal" the captain status when his connection is interrupted.
when a team mate requests a medic his name flashes on the mini scoreboard.
demo stops recording at the end of a map (with g_matchmode 1 and cg_autoRecordMatch 1).
added cg_drawKillLog 0/1/2 (0 = no kill log ; 1 = old log like in 4.1 ; 2 = new log: player 1 [Weapon] player 2).
added g_ctfUnsubWait, if set to 1 someone who unsub in wave CTF mode will wait the next wave to spawn.
added /rcon smite <player> command, instantly kill a player.
added /forcesub command (for captains in match mode), force a player of our team to become a substitute.
added g_allowChat 3 - allow only the captains to talk during a match (only when both teams are ready).
added cg_demoFov, it allows to change the fov from 70 to 140 when watching a demo.
updated the UI.
updated the cfg files.
fixed team mate healbar with short names (eg. a dot).
callvotes are now logged in the server logs.
fixed ligthing on ut4_casa.
selective weapon/item pickup (+button7) (see README-cg_autoPickup).
increased the maximum number of demos.
fixed weapon selection bug where the last weapon chosen was disappearing when selecting a team.
fixed map arrows size on big maps.
fixed the hands when holding a G36.
now draw the name of the guy who planted the bomb.
the SPAS has now 8 bullets instead of 6.

We are also including an auto-updater to make maintaining Urban Terror 4.2 easier !

fr LAN 2k12

C'est parti pour 20h de jeu Urban Terror non-stop !

information Sign up for here for LAN 2K12 in Paris, France.

Feel free to leave a comment in our forum.

Network specialist Evilelf joins Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 10 May 2012 by FrozenSand

Frozen Sand is proud to announce that Evilelf has joined the FS development team !

Evilelf holds a masters in Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland. He also received his CCIE in Routing and Switching. Among other things Evilelf builds networks to reduce the cost of infrastructures and increase their performance to benefit all of the Urban Terror community.

Evilelf will work with Raider and Kalish in building an advanced network to provide efficient distribution of Urban Terror.

Please feel free to comment in our forum.

Levant Terrible

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 29 September 2011 by FrozenSand
Frozen Sand has added 203 as a Jump Map specialist to the develoment team !

Levant started mapping about three years ago. He created jump maps such as Uranus, Ceres, and Mercury. He has also worked together with 2950 on Jupiter. These maps are available for download at URT Jumpers. You need to register there first though.

Levant will be working on new jump maps for Urban Terror HD.

Please feel free to comment in our forum.

Levant jumping on one of his own maps:

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