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Urban Terror

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Gosu Terror

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 04 March 2005 by FrozenSand
Recently some tests have started to pop up on community servers. There is nothing that needs to be downloaded on the client side, just the server side. That file is called "Gosu," which in Korean means "(lit. a better hand) is used to refer a person with great skill." In online gaming is refers to a "good player or item." Twentyseven has been experimenting with different damage values for the weapons. This allows the development team to collect a wide variety of feedback from all gamers in the community. And believe me, there has been some "interesting" feedback. You will know one of these server because it will show, SID Gosu Edition after you connect. Currently servers running Gosu (released today) are on version 7. Stop bu #urbanterror on ETG for more information and servers that have the test pak. Enjoy the terror!

Wanted: ETUT

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 27 January 2005 by FrozenSand
Are you skilled in the way of developing? Wanna use those skills in Urban Terror and have your work distributed in upcoming releases, such as ETUT? Silicon Ice Development is looking to expand its development team. This is not the first time we have turned to the community in search of quality amateur developers looking to strut their stuff and show off their work.

Currently, we are looking for a person who knows modelling and animation. And yes, it is to assist in finishing up the work for ETUT, in order to get the models rigged and animated and ported into the mod, so we can continue moving forward. It is also to give team members like Twentyseven, Highsea and other more time working on finishing other development tasks. We are also looking for a concept artist, someone who can visually create ideas we are working on to include, in order to turn those concepts into assets for the mod.

If interested the potential candidate should have strong animations skills, be competent in 3d Studio Max, be able to provide a portfolio, or examples of completed projects. As part of the development team you will help define animations that need to be accomplished. A strong background in art is preferred! Applicant should be able to work inwith toosl such as Maya, Lightwave and Max. If interested please e-mail

We have made mention of this fact before, when it comes to the models. We are also trying to remove all the "old" animations and update our work before releasing Urban Terror for ET.

ETUT Diary #3

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 22 January 2005 by FrozenSand
As mentioned on other web sites and on Urban Radio, the development team continues working towards the release of ETUT. On the outside, it looks like development might be slow to non-existant, but that is not even the case. As mentioned on Urban Radio, Bladekiller is still putting many hours of work into skinning the female model, which we will show off again, today. Bladekiller states, "none of them are finsihed yet..." The skin on the left and right are for the Red Team, while the middle skin is for the Blue Team.

Lt1 continues to spin his talents, showing off his latest creations over on Black Rayne. He continues to create new model paks that level designers can use for their levels. Today's screenies include a bathroom pak, two convience store paks and an updated brief cases.

As for a codebase update, most all of the code has been ported into ETUT. As we await for the completion of the models (including rigging and animation), Twentyseven will have to create meshs on the models to replace the existing ARIES hit detection. We may also tweak and correct a few items that still plague the mod.
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